With outstanding features from the R-series product line, it will make your car's sound system come alive, helping you to enjoy a wonderful music experience like listening to live at an outdoor stage.

Plus genuine DSP from Alpine promises to give you the most immersive audio experience right in your car.




Package Information Package R-series DSP PACKAGE

The perfect combination of products:




- Pair of R-series speakers: R-S65C.2 & R-S65.2


*The PDP-E800DSP Audio Processing and Amplifier product launched by Alpine in 2019 is a great solution for flexible audio upgrades in any vehicle. Supports 6 input channels (including pre-amp and speakers) and 8 output channels, fine-tuning the sound to your liking with 240-band Parametric EQ, 8 digital delay channels, 8 crossover channels


*The new R-series speakers are available in 2- way coaxial and component models providing the best sound quality that you wouldn’t ask for better. With high-performance materials are carefully combined, not only offer better sound performances but also optimize the range of high frequencies at higher volumes. Thus, you can ensure that any distortion of sound will not decline sound quality of music listening experiences.


 R-series DSP Package promises to be a great choice for lovers.


Package price:

-  41,000,000 VND  VND.


Note: The price does not include the cost of accessories and installation.


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